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Audi Mixes Aggressive Targeting with Unique Venues

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Brand: AUDI
Year: 2011

For a series of high-end hospitality events in the South Florida market, Audi devised a new formula big on style and boldness while retaining a refined, focused approach. To help launch new models of its A6 and A7, the automaker’s South Florida dealerships teamed up for the first time ever to create two world-class events that would lead to trackable sales results and growth.

The wow factor came from leveraging two non-traditional venues: the A7 launch was held at the New World Center, the Frank Gehry-designed home of New World Symphony; and the A6 at a parking garage with a 360-degree view of the Miami skyline designed by Swiss architectural firm Herzog & DeMeuron. Invite lists were culled from databases of consumers driving competitive BMW and Mercedes models as well as current Audi owners, and people living in high-income and high-Audi ownership ZIP codes. For the especially hot targets, Audi used hand-written invitations, designed to showcase the exclusivity of the events. Others were invited via email.

At the events, Audi laid off the marketing messages about the cars, letting the vehicles speak for themselves. No salespeople from the dealerships were allowed to attend either event, though there were brand experts on hand to answer questions about the cars, and guests were offered the opportunity to schedule test drives. The A7 event was the first private event ever at the New World Center, which had opened just months earlier. The building is a monument to style and graceful proportions, and Audi sought to make a correla- tion with the A7’s sleek lines.

Altogether, 879 people attended the events, and more than half scheduled test drives at local dealers.

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