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Audi Exhibit Stresses Sophsitication and Technology

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Brand: AUDI
Year: 2010

If the sight of the year’s newest concept cars and latest hot rods doesn’t get the average car aficionado’s heart racing, they’re probably dead. But it’s not all about the sizzle at major auto shows—it’s also about forming business relationships and planting the seeds for future sales that will sustain the company in the years ahead. For its presence at last year’s International Automotive Fair (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany, Audi accomplished both objectives, with heart and style.

A key objective of the automaker’s 2009 show experience, dubbed “The Heart of Audi,” aimed to reinforce its three main brand attributes: sportiness, sophistication and progressiveness. This was accomplished through a visually stunning central booth structure that tied the messages together. The mostly white two-story triangular exhibit—a sweeping, amorphous body that split and reconnected in beautiful curves and dynamic angles—revealed bright pops of red underneath its cantilevered upper story. Wood flooring swept up to meet the glossy white walls, connecting the walkways to the central feature and leading attendees through the space in one intuitive move. A white center “lane” offered a visual guideline and led visitors through the exhibit. It also provided a neutral backdrop that helped the vehicles on display further stand out against the contrasting black and white floor coverings and walls.

The Heart of Audi display, designed as a gateway to the booth experience, presented the brand’s technological market leadership and drew visitors’ attention to the highlight stage—a huge, integrated LED screen and enclosed black glass wall. The visitor entered the exhibit through this gateway, via the center lane, which curved to the corners of the footprint and pulled the visitor into the brand space. The color red marked the highlights, like the red relief displays communicating the 100-year history of Audi.

At the Visitor Center located on an elevated level, interactive exhibits offered insights into Audi’s technical innovations. At the Technology Center, dominated by organic forms and atmospheric hues of blue, interactive exhibits provided insights into technological innovations from the field. The Audi Exclusive Lounge featured 625 handmade, padded leather tiles mounted onto a wall tilted on both axes. The design was supported by a wooden band floating through the room that began as a hand rail, transformed into a board, a sitting niche and finally into a serving counter.

And lest we forget the sizzling new car reveals, the brand used the exhibit to introduce the sleek and sporty Audi R8 Spyder, coming to North America this summer… and a mid-life crisis near you.

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