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Audi Brings A3 Vehicle To Life Via Bicoastal Concerts

Event Design Award Winner—Designer/Builder: MKG | Client: Audi | Project: A3 National Launch (Best Use of Media A/V)
Brand: AUDI
Agency: MKG
Year: 2014

The launch of the Audi A3 was the luxury automotive brand’s biggest in recent years. Not only did it have a sleek vehicle to show off, the launch itself signified a new chapter for Audi as it positioned itself in front of a more youthful audience: Millennials. Audi needed to capture the attention of this notoriously distracted target, not exactly chomping at the bit to make car purchases in the first place, with an event amplified by national press coverage.

Using a “first-ever” combination of technology, Audi brought its story to life with bicoastal simultaneous events featuring electrifying concerts by M.I.A. in New York City (at SIR Stage 37) and Janelle Monae in Los Angeles (at Quixote Studios). Following their performances, audiences watched as the two performers appeared together on stage through the magic of life-size holography. Partners Obscura and Vita Motus created the effect by incorporating projection mapping on the backdrop and the animated hologram of the artist in the foreground.

More projection mapping helped audiences understand the car brand’s history and redesign with stunning visuals, a custom art installation RGB wall (created by Milan-based Carnovsky) and LED lighting revealing different layers of A3 designs against “scapes” like the city, mountains and beach. The wall was a hit with guests and turned into a frequent photo op and social-sharing experience throughout the night. We’re guessing the circular Audi “O” bar was a hit, too.

The launch garnered significant press (70 million impressions the day after the launch experience) and social media chatter in the music world (more than 3.6 million impressions). But, most importantly, the event design allowed Audi to emerge as a leader pushing technological boundaries in line with the cutting-edge features of the new A3.

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