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Audi Activates a Multisensory ‘Experience Walk’

Brand: AUDI
Year: 2016

Audi is best known for gravity-defying exhibits that inspire attendees to think about what the brand is trying to say. At the Frankfurt Motor Show, however, Audi flexed its experiential muscle with the four-part Experience Walk, an outdoor installation that explained Audi’s four key themes using the senses. “We’ve never developed an exhibition presentation that was as thematically stringent as this one,” said Luca de Meo, board member-sales and marketing, at Audi. “Never before have we been able to describe the innovations from Audi in such great detail.”

As the Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the largest auto shows in the world, Audi typically goes for a disruptive presence, activating stand-alone installations outside the exhibition center. The Experience Walk was another signature outdoor installation. However, it represented a new event design style for the brand. Visitors wouldn’t actually see an Audi vehicle until they traversed the four experiential zones contained within. This meant that visitors had the chance to absorb the Audi brand before oohing and aahing at the finished products in the exhibition space at the heart of the building.

The consumer journey began with an escalator ride through a sculpted installation that represented the benefit of Audi Ultra lightweight construction, efficient engines and alternative fuels. From there, they entered a glowing blue tunnel representing Audi Technologies, where they learned about technology innovations, like Audi’s virtual cockpit and laser light. They then moved into the Audi Quattro zone to learn about all-wheel-drive in a room constructed of ice blocks and set at a below-freezing temperature. By contrast, the next section of Audi Sport offered warm tones and used racing sounds and visual cues to recreate the high-octane atmosphere of a racetrack.

These four zones took place in a corridor that wound around and into the exhibition in the interior of the building, where the four themes came together. The bestseller from Audi was positioned at the center of the space on a rotating platform that was part of an oversized “compass.” As soon as the compass turned to one of the four cardinal directions, the entire media display of the exhibit switched between the four thematic worlds of Audi. The holographic window that used augmented reality to connect digital information about the Audi technologies with the physical automobiles on display was pretty sweet, too.

In all, the three-story installation was built on a space about 300-feet by 180-feet in the central Agora square of the exhibition grounds. It included a little more than 7,500-square-feet of LED surfaces and enough space for 33 vehicles to be displayed. With a mix of digital and physical elements, on top of bold architecture, Audi perfected its storytelling skills with an experiential twist.

And who doesn’t love a good story.

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