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Under Armour Taps into Seamless Facebook Posting

DB_UnderArmour2_2013 ETA
Agency: THUZI
Year: 2013

Imagine if the only thing consumers had to do when tapping into their wide networks of followers was swipe a wristband and, boom!—instantaneous posting of a crazy-fun life event. At the Super Bowl NFL Experience, Under Armour offered just that by implementing the Thuzi Presence Platform, a live event social media tool that created authentic Under Armour-branded content and allowed participants competing in the Under Armour NFL Combine Experience to memorialize their participation on their newsfeeds and timelines.

It also allowed Under Armour to instantly amplify on-site activations to the participants’ friends, measure all viral Facebook activity and process tens of thousands of attendees on-site each day. Boom, indeed. All of this was made possible with an Under Armour-branded red silicone wristband embedded with an RFID chip. Attendees registered through Facebook, attaching their profiles to their individual wristband. With the wristband activated, they were free to enter the footprint and take part in NFL Scouting Combine-style challenges tied to action photo opportunities, including the 40-yard dash, broad jump and the vertical leap.

After finishing each challenge and action shot, attendees scanned their wristbands to instantly post and tag themselves in the photo, which featured the Under Armour logo and a custom linked status that pulled in performance scores in real-time—one example: “John Doe competed at the NFL Scouting Combine Experience with Under Armour.” (The captions were approved via Facebook Custom Actions prior to the event.) In addition, scanning the wristband simultaneously updated the on-site leader board with the participant’s score.

By scanning-in at all of the activations, consumers were entered to win tickets to the big game. The wristbands served another purpose as well—to drive sales. Socially enabled glass-encased “Like Stations” on-site showcased Under Armour’s newest products. By simply swiping their wristband at the station, consumers could instantly “Like” the product on Facebook. Throughout the multi-day event, Under Armour was able to measure the activation’s performance in real-time using the technology’s custom analytics and tracking system.

It incorporated all Facebook has to offer for prime amplification and measurement, including Login, Facebook Ads API, Facebook Custom Actions, Facebook Insights and the Facebook Open Graph. And, here’s where the amplification came into play: the attendees’ photo posts were then pushed out through automated Facebook Sponsored Stories resulting in social graph participation, estimated to have measured at 300 friends per action. Even eight months after the event, the photos continued to gain impressions as more people interact with them, amplifying Under Armour’s message along the way.

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