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Aquarius Educates Consumers About Water Conservation

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Year: 2009

One look at the colorful Aquarius Spring! bus during its 20-week road trip may have had you thinking that the Age of Aquarius had surely dawned. But actually, the vegetable-oil powered, retrofitted school bus, complete with roof-top solar panels and a generator for powering its TV monitor, wireless microphone and other high-tech doodads, was the centerpiece of an effort by Coca-Cola and its Aquarius Spring! water brand to educate consumers on the importance of water conservation and help communities at local watershed cleanup events. And to offer a taste of Aquarius Spring! to the thirsty volunteers along the way, naturally.

The tour targeted consumers, retail customers and community organizations; provided funding and mobilized volunteers for local watershed efforts; and introduced the Aquarius Spring! brand as a unique proposition with a meaningful cause. The tour traveled to Atlanta, Boise, ID, Charlotte, NC, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, NC, and Tampa.

The bus appeared at local cleanup events in various tour markets and at grocery retail outlets, but these weren’t just “sampling” events. While bottles of the water were on hand for trial, the focus of the events remained on education and engagement. Consumers were encouraged to learn about water conservation and recycling, engage with local nonprofit partners in attendance and to volunteer for their watershed cleanups. Retail events were hosted a week in advance of cleanups so the non-profits could best leverage the additional exposure they gained there.

The Aquarius bus served as the backdrop for media events, cleanups and retail activations, attracting the attention of passersby. It was also used as environmentally friendly market-to-market transportation for tour staff. A brightly colored tent, table with branded tablecloth, banners, a branded tanker with ice cold product, a DVD player and speaker also helped set the scene as a video looped on TV monitors throughout the footprint educating consumers on the global water crisis and Aquarius Spring’s message of Donate, Hydrate, Participate. An interactive website recapped tour highlights and provided further consumer education on water conservation and preservation.

The cleanup events removed three tons of sea trash from Peconic Bay and 2,600 pounds of trash from the Los Angeles River. But that was just for starters. The tour enlisted 13 local non-profit partner organizations and engaged 34,000 consumers. More than 12,000 people got hands-on and participated in the cleanups. In all, 37 tons of trash was removed from rivers, creeks, lakes and marshes.

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