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AOL Immerses Future Front Attendees in a Media Tunnel

Brand: AOL
Agency: FIRST
Year: 2016

AOL’s Future Front commanded attention on the first day of Advertising Week by going big—really big. To highlight its acquisition by Verizon while illustrating how the brand is uniquely positioned to mobilize data and content for the future, AOL supersized its messaging by giving attendees tunnel vision.

The brand welcomed attendees to the Future Front through its Immersion Tunnel—a 10-foot by 30-foot room within a room that enveloped the elite brand, agency, media and tech leaders in attendance in an unforgettable technology experience within minutes of arriving at the event.

Upon entering the tunnel, which could hold up to 75 people, attendees encountered a series of nine-millimeter LED panels that were designed to form the enclosed space. Surrounded by the screens, both overhead and on side walls, participants were immersed in 60 seconds of video content including voiceovers, music, imagery and “Mobilization of the Future” messaging. The pace of the experience then quickened for a 20-second finale. At the conclusion, a curtain opened and attendees discovered that they had been transported to the central event space.

In the end, the Immersion Tunnel wasn’t just an engaging, shareable experience; it was a big, bold way to show—not tell—the power of mobile and its ability to transform the world of advertising.

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