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Amex RFID Bands Capture Personalized Content for Tennis Fans

Year: 2015

American Express has been a sponsor of the US Open Tennis Tournament since 1994, and with a 20,000 square-foot event footprint, the brand is hard to miss. But with great power comes great responsibility. If Amex was going to maintain its reputation as a top dog at the event, it needed to know which engagements worked and which ones needed to be tossed out of bounds.

To capture measurable interaction data, streamline the fan experience and create deeper engagement with more US Open fans in 2014, American Express introduced the MyOpen pass—a branded, interactive RFID wristband that let consumers seamlessly capture and share memories of their experience.

Each element of the American Express activation was linked by the wristband, allowing fans to capture their personalized experience with a simple tap. Participants could engage in activities such as a Swing Analysis with a tennis instructor, a 180-degree GIF-generating “Rally Cam” and an augmented reality station featuring the digital likeness of tennis pro Sloane Stephens.

Fans learned of the MyOpen program by way of subway ads, local boardwalk advertising and a 30-second spot, featuring comedian Tina Fey, which played exclusively on the Jumbotron at Center Court within Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Upon entering the American Express footprint, fans were encouraged to register for the MyOpen program via a simple, tablet-based registration process. Participants were then provided with the wristband, which gave them a unique identifier number for the backend system. The user immediately received an email with a link to his or her personalized MyOpen dashboard, which served as the hub for various activation takeaways, such as photos and videos. Each station within the footprint was fit with an RFID scan tower, each of which was equipped with way-finding labeling, i.e. “scan here,” to simplify the process.

Users could repeat each station’s activity as many times as they wanted. The interactions would then be reflected on their MyOpen dashboard as a carousel of images to scroll through. Participants did not need to register again if they returned to the US Open on another day, as the pass remained active through the end of the tournament and for another month after the event concluded.

With the help of its technology partners, American Express secured accurate statistics in the form of program registrations, repeat activity percentages and whether or not fans participated in one or more (or all) of the activation engagements. Additionally, by providing a connected, mobile experience, fans could easily and repeatedly engage with the brand.

The program ultimately served up some impressive results. Nearly 30,000 fans registered for the wristband, more than 80,000 MyOpen interactions were recorded and the brand racked up more than 380 million total impressions. Point, Amex.

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