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American Express Towers Filter Fashion Instagrams

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Year: 2013

With thousands of fashion insiders racing through to attend the next fashion show, perhaps no place is as hectic as the lobby at Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This year, however, three dramatic 10-foot tall American Express Instagram towers gave them reason to pause. Photos submitted by attendees on-site and by Instagram users nationwide, as well as images from noted fashion blogger and photographer Garance Doré, ran constantly on the interactive media columns, offering an authentic real-time look at one of the most glamorous events of the year.

Partnering with Doré established American Express’s credibility among the fashion industry and consumers and amplified its reach to her social media followers. Doré curated the towers’ feed and moderated all content published to the #amexfashion hashtag, approving or denying user-submitted images. Only those she approved appeared on the towers. Doré logged remotely onto a computer to run the application. Once she approved content, it went into a cloud-based folder and a database of all comments. Content was pushed to a moderated queue. Once a photo entered the cycle, it could be “liked” by on-site users.

Approximately 150 photos were uploaded to the media walls per day. By the end of the week, the screens showed a comprehensive but curated view of Fashion Week from the perspective of industry insiders. The screens were updated in real-time and were interactive. Attendees could approach the screens, stop the feed by touching them, scroll back to previous images and “like” photos. The American Express Instagram Towers kept the industry connected during its busiest time of the year, apprising attendees of trends and the hottest shows and parties. The company’s Instagram account had just been established prior to this activation, which offered the first true effort to engage consumers through Instagram by American Express and therefore to acquire new followers for the Instagram account.

The week-long activation led to 1,000 new followers for the brand. In addition, consumers across the nation, whether or not they were American Express cardmembers, experienced the glamour of Fashion Week by following the hashtag on Instagram. The towers proved a huge success for American Express’s Fashion Week sponsorship. Over the course of the week, the activation engaged cardmembers and attendees and helped position American Express as an authentic voice in the industry.

More than 3,116 people visited the lobby footprint and the company received 1,811 Instagram hashtag mentions and 2,196 “likes” on Instagram photos. American Express’s Fashion Week p.r. buzz increased nearly 300 percent compared to 2012, driven mostly by the Instagram activation. It was a “towering” accomplishment.

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