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AMD’s Event Platform Caters to Digital Audiences

DB_Fusion_2012 ETA
Brand: AMD
Year: 2012

Semiconductor design innovator AMD created the Fusion Developers Summit to educate developers about the power of AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) and promote concepts of heterogeneous computing. Its online platform, AFDS-D, extended the reach of the summit beyond the four walls of the physical event.

Simu-live technology helped provide pre-recorded video content (technical sessions), which was repurposed along with live Q&As with the speakers for the digital audience. FME Streaming/Live-cast technology streamed a live feed of keynote speaker sessions with real-time chatting and Q&A. A Roving Reporter utilized the same live-cast technology as the keynote speaker sessions so the digital audience could see and understand what was happening in the physical experience center.

The digital audience also had access to sponsor demos, digital badges and gaming for further engagement and learning. It all added up to more reach and broader geographies as content was extended with 24/7 on-demand access. AFDS-D also enhanced audience communities for AMD, increased registered users on the digital platform and generated significant positive press and social media buzz.

The platform exceeded target registrants by 750 percent, total time spent by AFDS-D participants was 9,036 hours and attendees clocked 7,365 digital space visits and downloaded more than 5,500 files of content.

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