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Adobe Showcases its Partners with Supersized Visuals

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Brand: ADOBE
Year: 2014

When design, creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of your brand, your live events have a lot to live up to. Adobe’s event team took on the challenge at its Worldwide Sales Conference with a projection mapping strategy that not only transformed the room—it transformed the audience, too.

Adobe’s Worldwide Sales Conference is a three-day event designed to educate and motivate the company’s sales force and partners. The show is used as a platform for executive leadership to deliver vision and business strategy and to recognize top performers. All attendees spend about half of the conference in the general session room, so it was critical to create a content plan that could deliver business-critical messages while also keeping content fresh and dynamic, and attendees engaged and intrigued.

A core component of the conference look and feel was the Adobe Ampersand, the “&” that is seen in most of Adobe’s marketing campaigns and the show’s symbolic representation of the connection between Adobe & (get it?) its customers’ success. The Ampersand was created in 3D block format (think: a stack of building blocks) as the focal point of the stage, and was flanked by multiple screens, providing a vast blank canvas that could support rich visual content, as well as provide interesting architectural surfaces for projection mapping. The stage was bookended by more 3D block scenic elements, further showcasing the Ampersand and offering yet more interesting surfaces for mapping.

From executive presentations and demos to keynotes and a gala awards ceremony, the stage was quickly transformed to create a unique and immersive environment that transported attendees from one type of experience to another. For the opening presentation, Adobe knocked attendees’ socks off with a custom video that was projection mapped and displayed at 720 x 5250 pixels—a larger than life experience that served as a motivational tour de force to kick off the conference. Guests were taken on a journey through Adobe’s customer verticals, with customer logos flying through the screen and ultimately settling on the 3D Ampersand (which incorporated all customer logos) at the end of the video.

For customer presentations, such as United Health Group’s, Adobe transformed the environment to match their brand guidelines and vision, using the canvas to emulate a feeling of nature and organic wellbeing. For the final evening Gala Awards, an Art Deco wallpaper design immediately transported guests to a lavish “Gatsby”-inspired ballroom.

Thanks to the flexibility and visual impact generated by the projection mapping strategy, particularly its ability to showcase partner brands and logos, Adobe was able to prove to its partners and customers how important their partnerships are to its success. Attendees couldn’t get enough of the stunning visual effects either and, according to the technology team, snapped and shared photos and videos throughout the conference.

Projections for the year ahead? Looking good.

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