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Adobe MAX Creativity Conference Wows Attendees

Brand: ADOBE
Year: 2014

Adobe MAX took it, well, to the max—establishing Adobe as a thought leader in all manner of creative endeavor and connecting with the community on a human level. Besides all that, it increased the online audience for added visibility of important products and services.

User-generated content, or in this case, artist-generated content, brought Adobe’s people and products to life on massive screens (and made the artists whose work was featured feel pretty special, too).

MAX: The Creativity Conference launched the new product service Adobe Creative Cloud and reached 5,000-plus live attendees and an online audience with an experience that established Adobe and MAX as a conference that curates creativity within the digital realm and beyond.

Organically shaped screens wrapped around Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater and enveloped the audience, making the viewer an important part of the experience, which began with attendees’ own creative work and that of their digital community celebrated onscreen in a gallery setting. Forty projectors blended over seven screens, including two compound curving ceiling pieces, two house scenic extensions and three primary large-scale organically curved screens, and extended 300 feet in every direction. The raw space, with visible lighting and rigging and screens that exploded in front of the audience, represented the interface of the products used by the community in the keynote presentation. Blended and warped projection with more than 12 million visible pixels provided the setting for the event environment.

The walk-in content was a custom-designed application utilizing Adobe products and featured the creative community from Behance, the online artist network that Adobe acquired in 2012. This deceptively simple application pulled the work live from the web to display in After Effects along with the artist’s name and a QR code for further information. Some of the artists were in the room, which was one of the most buzzed-about features of the show. The keynote presentations, a set of three 90- to 120-minute shows over two days, literally rocked the room with full-screen graphics, multiple technical demos of bleeding-edge technology and other mind-blowing features, including a wall-to-wall-to-ceiling media production with lighting and staging integrated for five-plus hours. On day two of the conference, designers and artists illuminated their process and inspiration.

Attendees found the conference awesome, impressive and fantastic. Online surveys rated the keynotes with the highest attendee satisfaction scores for the program. Refreshed online virtual content with interactive elements increased the online live audiences by more than 300 percent year-over-year.

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