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Adidas Boost Launch Highlights Shoe Technology

DB_Gold_Adidas_2014 Ex
Agency: HENRY V
Year: 2014

To tell an impactful story of its new shoe technology, the Boost product launch utilized five 53-foot semi-trucks filled with staging, A/V, graphics and interactive assets. The event completely transformed New York City’s Javits Center into a series of experience stations that conveyed its advantages over traditional materials used in running shoes. The branded space showcased a message of “Endless Energy” and literally put 450 influencers from the worlds of sports, fashion, technology, finance and entertainment inside the shoes.

Displaying the technology inside the shoe and how it is made, the experience stations immersed attendees in the story of Boost. Bold yellow colors and geometric arrows led the way. A ball drop station compared the bounce of a steel ball bearing on Boost foam with that of the standard EVA foam used in other running shoes. Attendees got up close and personal with Boost at touch and feel stations. Freezers demonstrated Boost’s resilience to extreme weather. A mock retail center displayed apparel to accompany the new shoes. A team of models wore the shoes and gear, and a giant video-projected timeline showcased Adidas’ history in running. But the best part no doubt was the fitting station where attendees were fitted for their own pair of Boost running shoes.

The launch garnered 76 million social media impressions and favorable reviews in publications such as Forbes, The Los Angeles Times, Running Times and more. Celebrities such as actress Rosario Dawson and Ethiopian Olympic runner and marathoner Haile Gebrselassie also gave Boost a boost.

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