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Adidas Enlists Athletes for Stumps, Jumps and Tricks

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Agency: MR. YOUTH
Year: 2007

The phrase “walking on air” is so simple and so elegant. But athletic shoe marketers face such stiff competition that the category spends un-told millions of dollars every year developing and marketing products that bring the metaphor to life.

So it was for adidas, which needed to create a spectacle to engage young consumers in the launch of the a3 Microride sneaker and to push traffic to Finish Line stores. Only a spot-on live event could really translate the benefit of the shoe’s patented technology, which creates a bouncy feeling.

During the summer and back-to-school shopping seasons, the brand set up a 20-foot-by-20-foot environment inside malls in eight major markets for two-day events. The centerpiece was a professional competitive trampoline, which was put to good use by nationally ranked teenage gymnasts, both boys and girls. The athletes laced up their Microrides and performed jaw-dropping tricks; the height of their jumps helped attract interested crowds. Meanwhile, brand reps stationed around the tramp handed out fliers encouraging teens to visit a nearby Finish Line store to test the shoe for themselves—those who did got branded bouncy balls.

The gymnasts weren’t the only ones jumping: Sales of adidas (up 150 percent) and Microrides in particular (110 percent) spiked during promotional weekends, as 145,000 consumers attended the events.

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