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Acura Event Features Pulsating Light and Sound Tunnel

DB_Winner_Honda Acura_EDA 2015
Brand: HONDA
Year: 2015

It didn’t take long for the attendees at Acura’s first multinational dealer meeting, which took place last October at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, to get the message about the company’s new “One Global Brand, One Dealer Body” marketing platform. They experienced both first-hand as they stepped through a colorful, pulsating tunnel at the meeting’s entrance.

Inspired by Acura’s ELS Studio Premium Audio System, which was developed by GRAMMY award winner Elliot Scheiner and is one of the best premium audio systems offered in today’s luxury automotive market, the entrance took the dealers on an interactive sound and light journey while it metaphorically represented the bright future of Acura itself.

Drums located throughout the tunnel encouraged attendees to tap and listen, which caused layers of light and music to erupt all around them. Sounds ranged from simple rhythms to full orchestra; the lights, from simple color splashes to complex geometrical constructs. Throughout the tunnel the sound and light compounded with each interaction, creating even more layers of sound and light. Inspired by the mathematical perfection that is found in nature, music and art, the result was so engaging attendees revisited the tunnel multiple times, using their phones to record and photograph the experience.

The structure consisted of three 12-foot units arrayed two feet apart for a combined length of 40 feet. The units were 10-feet tall and nearly seven feet, five-inches wide, for a total of 295 square feet. The flexible LED mesh video display offered the perfect combination of design flexibility and speed of deployment. Tap sensors and software customized for the experience compounded separate inputs into a layered execution. But, beyond those elements, the balance of the technology was fairly simple and universally available.

The entrance utilized the universal languages of music and art to strengthen Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance brand message and marketing direction, driving home the idea that every contact with Acura engages and intrigues, and that Acura vehicles awaken the senses and elevate every journey.

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