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Accenture Cube Immerses Attendees in an A/V Experience

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Year: 2015

Accenture was on a quest to differentiate itself from its competitors by highlighting its digital resources and services, all of which are united under the Accenture Digital banner. To drive home that difference among clients and potential new customers who often can’t tell one digital consulting company from another, and to influence the executives who typically chose their consultant agency, Accenture Digital determined a p.r. event would be the most effective way to make its message heard. But this was no ordinary p.r. event. With a 65-foot audiovisual Cube used both inside and out as a stage, and immersive 360-degree video experiences, Accenture was able to wow the 160 ceos and politicians in attendance—and win new business in the process.

Besides the physical set-up of the Cube, the most noteworthy challenge came from syncing all the projectors and their back-ups. When guests arrived for welcome cocktails, they encountered a stage in front of one of the Cube’s sides. Then they were invited to fully “live and be surrounded by Accenture Digital.” The screen rolled up to reveal a rotating circular platform—the true stage where the event would take place—surrounded by seating. The platform slowly rotated so speakers faced every single person in the audience. For the finale, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak appeared onstage for an interview with Accenture Digital’s group ceo backed by a panoramic camera shot from a flying drone that entered the Cube and landed by the central stage. What started as a private p.r. event quickly became news, and Accenture Digital won at least two new accounts thanks to the experience.

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