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Absolut Uses Biometric Data to Unlock Engagements

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Year: 2016

Absolut nearly blew the roof off of its Electrik House in 2015 with a house party experience powered by the energy of its guests. Using cutting-edge wearables, the brand measured the collective energy of attendees and unlocked a new engagement each time their energy levels reached a new peak to promote its limited edition Electrik bottle. From drone bartenders to a performance by a robot band, Absolut pulled out all the stops, serving up a next-level house party that helped the brand exceed its bottle sales goals by 150 percent in the first month.

The party is all about the people, so with 20-something, creative urbanites in mind, the brand aimed to leverage Electrik House to provide the interactive experiences and opportunities for self-expression the young demo craves. The experience began immediately upon arrival, when attendees received wearable technology from Studio XO that used biometric data to measure their energy levels. From there, guests watched as, one by one, the rooms of Electrik House were transformed into immersive experiences dreamed up by Absolut with the help of more than 40 partners.

As guests poured in and energy levels spiked, the first experience was unlocked and bartending drones began buzzing around the space. The devices were mounted with Absolut bottles and equipped with custom pourers to keep the drinks flowing while keeping the brand top of mind.

The second energy wave triggered an electro-static den created in collaboration with Applied Tesla Technologies in which attendees engaged in a photo opportunity on a statically charged floor that made their hair stand on end.

When the third experience was unlocked, attendees found themselves on a glowing, interactive dance floor. Not only did the lights on the floor react to guests’ killer dance moves, it also triggered a smoking fireplace and custom-made ceramic moose head that shot lasers through its eyes and into the crowd.

If that wasn’t enough to write home about, the next energy wave activated the garage door, which opened up to reveal the robot band Compressorhead. And for the final unveiling of the night, the last energy spike unlocked a roller door leading to the backyard where Empire of the Sun performed a surprise set. The experience also included the ultimate Electrik bottle premiere as Absolut revealed a 40-foot high bottle replica live-wired with electricity (c’mon!). The bottle, which was created in collaboration with Tesla, not only lit up the property, but could be controlled by Empire of the Sun as the band performed.

Thanks to a lineup of share-worthy experiences, along with the help of key social influencers, the Electrik House experience was significantly amplified online. The event ultimately garnered 180 million media impressions for the brand, as well as 7,900 new social media followers—all without blowing a fuse.

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