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Camp Honda Gamifies a Data Collection Strategy with Little League

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Brand: HONDA
Agency: RPA
Year: 2014

A sponsorship can be as complex or as simple as you want as long as you make your activations as memorable as the event you’re supporting. With its Little League sponsorship, Honda took a defining moment in the lives of American families and upped the ante to bring the memories to the next level.

While carnival games have been a mainstay of event marketing for years, Honda saw that it could use them to earn valuable info via an activity tracking RFID activation. This kind of “passive data collection” is powerful and hotter than a 12-year-old’s 86 mph fastball.

The fun was the star inside the sponsor village, where Camp Honda was a central attraction, and where the brand showcased its brand new Odyssey, the official vehicle of the Little League. The brand invited all 404,000 attendees inside for a good time and, along the way, a chance to get to know the minivan’s key features. On the way into Camp Honda, the adults registered with an email or Facebook login. Either way, it was linked to an RFID wristband that allowed participants to move freely through the camp, swiping all the way through a series of games that participants played to earn points and win prizes.

The gaming theme was clear, but unusual. You could win, but you could also take a hit. One of the best games was the High-Stakes Dunk Tank. It acted just like a regular dunk tank, but if the player missed there were consequences. Players threw out a pitch and if they hit, the person inside was dunked. If it was a miss, the player got soaked. Nice.

Other, safer games included Be the Bobblehead, which allowed fans to take photos as a life-size bobblehead, then pose with the bobbleheaded version of themselves; and Clear the Bases, in which players competed using the HondaVac (the world’s first available in-vehicle vacuum cleaner) to suck up sand on bases. The first to suck up all the sand won. Participants collected points at each Camp Honda station by using the RFID bracelets. They could redeem the points for brand swag, with the most sought-after prize being the 2013 Honda Odyssey pin. Pins could be collected three ways: win at Camp Honda, sit in the dunk tank for 15 minutes to collect all three pins or go to

The data capture results showed that 8,428 fans registered to play, of whom 76 percent gave an email address and 24 percent provided Facebook credentials. More than one-third of registrants opted in to receive general information from Honda, and more than one-quarter opted to receive more information on the redesigned Odyssey. And we call that a homerun.

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