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At Pepsi’s ‘X Factor’ Auditions, Fans Fuel Social

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Brand: PEPSI
Year: 2012

Pepsi has aligned itself in the past with music icons like Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Britney Spears. But never with everyday people. To keep its music tie-ins moving to the beat, it sponsored the popular music competition TV show, “The X Factor,” and launched an integrated campaign based on the message that “Where there is Pepsi, there is Music.”

At the auditions for the show, Pepsi rolled out cool experiences designed to be easy to share via social media. The centerpiece was a 30-foot tall “X Factor” logo made up of 10,000 Pepsi cans, which became a popular background image for newscasters reporting from the set and was prominently featured on air during the first five shows of the season. The brand engaged fans with its “Official X Factor Audition Photo,” an interactive experience with a co-branded Pepsi and “X Factor” stage, where contestants could pose for a 3D image that they could share on social media instantly. The activation created a social media spike after each audition. And, to engage fans online, Pepsi created the “X Report,” a video series that brought the audition experience to life on Facebook and YouTube.

On-air promotions gave fans at home the chance to help curate the performances and choose the songs each contestant would perform, and Pepsi created the Pepsi Sound Off site, which allowed fans to view the show while engaging with other fans around the country.

Dozens of local and national media outlets featured prominent placement of the Pepsi X and the structure was featured several times during the series’ audition episodes. Hundreds of thousands of fans shared their 3D audition photos and the chatter was picked up on high-traffic blogs, media sites and the show’s official website. In all, the integrated approach resulted in more than 750 million consumer impressions.

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