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July 8, 2016

Budweiser Crafts a Country Music Festival Strategy on Authenticity

Budweiser this summer is serving up cold beers and a little local flavor with Budweiser Country Club, a two-level barn experience activating at four country music festivals. The program, which marks a significant expansion of Budweiser’s investment in country music, kicked off at Stagecoach Festival in Indio, CA, April 29-May 1. The open-air build out,...

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July 1, 2016

Brands Take on the World Maker Faire in New York

The Maker Movement is captivating consumers worldwide and, according to some experts, could soon become a catalyst for a new era in our economy. But beyond the economic implications, the movement is also an influential platform for brand engagement. Its culture is difficult to categorize, and that is exactly what makes it so appealing to forward-thinking...

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June 28, 2016

Propel Water’s Co:Labs Fitness Events Hydrate a New Formula

Propel is promoting the reformulation of its flavored water product (now with more electrolytes) with fitness events offering its workout enthusiast target the opportunity to take part in some of the hottest exercise trends today. Called Propel Co:Labs, the pop-up studio program activated in Los Angeles April 29-30, and will open in New York City...

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June 22, 2016

Student Inspires U by Kotex Period Shop Pop-Up

Any woman with a monthly cycle knows that it involves much more than feminine care products. There are aches and pains, mood swings and generally unpleasant moments requiring an array of products often purchased in equally unpleasant environments. This was the thinking behind a New York City college student’s Tumblr post that caught the attention...

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June 21, 2016

Why Brands are Falling in Love with the Maker Movement

With the mass-market release of 3D printers, drones and other tools that are transforming consumers into engineers, manufacturers and pilots, the Maker Movement, some experts say, could also become a catalyst for a new era in our economy. But beyond the economic implications, maker culture is also an influential platform for brand engagement. Enter Maker...

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