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Targeting: Dodge Sends College Students On Road Trip

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Dodge this month sent three teams of college students on road trips
each in their own Caliber hatchback wagon to generate attention for
the new vehicle and raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.


Teams from Boston College Northwestern University and Texas
Christian University each hit three different markets en route to Miami
where they met for a finale event. Along the way their mission was
to set up events that introduced Gen-Y consumers to the Caliber. Each
team had with them a mentor from Dodge or Birmingham MI-based agency
Clear!Blue to help with media relations and logistics.


The teams earned points based on how many consumers they got to
interact with the vehicle as well as for posting updates on blogs
punctuality and having all necessary event permits. (The team from BC
won earning a 24-month lease on a Caliber for each member. The other
teams won $500 per participant.) Consumers who visited the events were
given five free song downloads from Global Music Project—Dodge paid the
site $1 per download $10 000 total and directed GMP to donate the
funds to Doctors Without Borders.


Most of the events were guerrilla style with each team adding its own
unique elements. The BC team set up outside coffee shops to capitalize
on the morning rush. The TCU team invited local college football
players and coaches to a kick-off event.


“The students were out there and having fun which added credibility to
the campaign and we were able to learn more about the students and the
whole target market because the students were talking about the vehicle
themselves to their peers on their own terms ” Carrie McElwee Chrysler
Group’s senior manager-marketing communications p.r. told Buzz.


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