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Grassroots: Pup-Peroni Brings Out Pup Patrol To Promote Sweepstakes

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If it were an MTV reality show it could be called “Pimp My Dog’s Ride.” Del Monte’s Pup-Peroni dog snacks brand is partnering with Jeep and real “Pimp My Ride” auto customizers Galpin Auto Sports to give away a tricked-out one-of-a-kind 2008 Jeep Liberty. (Dog-friendly amenities include washable seats built-in water and kibble bowls a shower nozzle for paw washing and a Pup-Peroni dispenser.)
The Fido-focused snack-maker is leveraging the contest to boost awareness for its new Pup-Peroni Ribs product by sending its mobile Pup Patrol brand ambassador program to more than 120 locations including retailers and dog parks. Consumers who purchase Ribs can visit the Pup Patrol enter to win the Jeep and receive a full-sized custom license plate (think: ILVMYPUP) with a branded Pup-Peroni license plate frame.
“It resonates with this consumer because it’s really important to them to be able to go out with their dog ” Nicole Terry brand manager for Pup-Peroni dog snacks told Buzz. “This makes it even easier to do that and it reinforces everything we started building last year with our pup-friendly campaign.”
Pup-Peroni is supporting the initiative with on-pack promotions email blasts and beginning on July 15 motion-activated on-shelf sound boxes that engage consumers with call-to-action messages as they walk down the aisle at any of 8 700 retail locations. The 15-week campaign launched nationally June 15 and runs through the end of September. Agency: RedPeg Marketing Alexandria VA.


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