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The October 2007 Emerging Technology Report profiled ten of the most innovative new technologies in the event space. For more information check out the links below.

Technology: 2-D Barcoding
People use their camera phones to take a picture of the barcode which can be placed on signage billboards fast food wrappers and more in order to download detailed information that was loaded into the code.

For more information on the use of 2-D barcodes at the U.S. Airforce’s Do Something Amazing Tour and overseas applications of the technology visit

Technology: Online Hospitality Tracking
A customizable online interactive database allows companies to organize streamline and track their entire inventory of tickets used to host customers. Beyond that this system can measure return on investment for hospitality events in a way never before possible.

Technology: Interactive Walls
What’s the difference between an interactive touchscreen and interactive wall you ask? Size baby. Technology is now available that can produce high-resolution graphics including touch-screen interactivity on a 20-foot wall. That’s six to eight times the resolution of a standard HD television.

To view a video of Jeff Han’s multitouch interface visit

For more on Accenture’s Interactive Advertising Wall visit accenture here.

Technology: Fogscreen
A walk-through projection screen made out of well dry fog.

For videos of Fogscreen at Victoria’s Secret fashion show click here.

For more on the technology and the product visit

Technology: Live Viewing Systems
The latest and greatest way to enhance the experience at live sporting events is by allowing fans to watch all the action on handheld LCD video players. These aren’t televisions. Instead they are set up within the arena and send video and audio signals directly from the camera feeds into the device.

For more information on vendors that offer the video players visit: (Used at NASCAR events.) (Used by American Express during the US Open.)

Technology: Web 2.0
Live blogging streaming video all content available online to users without restrictions live pictures all up on social networking sites for all users to access GPS technology and Twitter. This is how people communicate now and sooner or later they’ll expect all of these technologies to be a part of every experience they have.

For a peak at how Adobe interwove all of these technologies into one mobile tour check out the tour’s site:

Technology: Digital Graffiti
Digital graffiti uses a combination of lasers and projectors to create what amounts to a digital pen. By pointing the laser pen at surfaces such as walls buildings even the side of a mountain the user can “write” messages on the chosen surface.

Watch this video and see how the technology works.

Technology: 3-D Holographic video
A high-definition video projection system allows freeform 3-D moving images to appear in a live setting and interact with real people. It takes only a single camera shoot single projector playback and does not require any special audience props like 3-D glasses.

See how it works at

Technology: LED-embedded Fabrics
Lightweight comfortable fabrics are embedded with colored light-emitting LEDs that are completely integrated into the fabric. Fabrics can be used to make clothing carrying marketing messages or drapes cushions tablecloths and sofa coverings so you can outfit your brand ambassadors in them and gussy up the booth or the bus as well.

Go here to learn more.

Technology: 360-degree Surround Projection
Advances in video projection technology now make it possible to use virtually any surface as a video display without distorting the image. The effect is achieved using a mix of standard video projectors at a variety of angles along with new software that can map a curved surface feed the specs into the computer and project the video onto the surface accounting for and avoiding any distortion.

For more info visit


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