Rémy Martin Treats Influencers to VIP-Style Night - Event Marketer

Rémy Martin Treats Influencers to VIP-Style Night - Event Marketer
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Rémy Martin Treats Influencers to VIP-Style Night

Champagne cognac brand Rémy Martin on May 1 kicks off the second iteration of its Ringleader influencer program, which is designed to help loyal consumers achieve “celebrity status” with a big night out on the town. At brand activations in high-end nightclubs across the country, consumers will be invited to answer a series of questions on camera. Those who exude “charisma, charm, intelligence and leadership characteristics” will be featured on the Ringleader microsite where friends and family can show their support by casting a vote. Finalists with the most votes become Ringleaders and will receive a VIP night out with friends, including limo transportation, a personal concierge, security and cover charge-free entrance to a club.

In addition to their VIP night out, they’ll be invited to a grand finale event with a red carpet, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as well as celebrity appearances. (The previous program finale featured R&B star Robin Thicke—photo opp included.) At the end of the night, Ringleaders will receive Rémy Martin branded gift bags filled with swag and an email link to the brand’s Facebook page where they can download and share photos from the night.

“The Ringleader program celebrates social leaders and influencers who drive nightlife culture and are passionate about creativity and sociability across various cultures and vibes,” Edwin Garcia, brand manager at Rémy Martin, told Buzz. “We appreciate their sense of fashion, music and style and their sense for making it all their own, for making things interesting.”

The Rémy Martin Ringleader events are taking place in nightclubs and lounges through December in New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, California and Texas. Agency: SoHo Experiential, New York City.


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