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Ocean Spray Hits the Road on a Barcoded Sampling Tour

Ocean Spray through November is executing a mobile sampling tour that urges consumers to interact with the brand via a special logo-centric 2D mobile barcode known as a SnapTag, developed by tech provider SpyderLynk.

The cross-country tour is distributing products, coupons and swag at state fairs, festivals and other special events from fully branded tour buses. SnapTags, displayed all over the events and on staffers’ shirts, allow consumers to snap a picture with their phones and then send to get recipes featuring Ocean Spray products. The brand is sampling its sparkling juice drinks, cranberry juice cocktail with lime, blueberry juice cocktails, powdered drink mixes and Craisins. Plans are already in the works to hit the road again in 2012.

“The SpyderLynk integration has allowed us to really amplify customer engagement and continue a productive dialogue online after they visit us at the tour,” Ken Romanzi, svp and coo at Ocean Spray North America, told Buzz. “This helps us to enrich consumers’ experience with the mobile tour with multimedia content that they can continue to engage with once they leave the tour bus.” Agency: Fieldstone Promotions, Easton, CT.

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