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GoGo squeeZ Mobile Playground Tour

GoGo squeeZ Pumps Up Play with Mobile Playground Tour

GoGo squeeZ is back on the road, driving trial of the fruit pouch product while encouraging kids and parents to play more with the “Wherever You Go, Go Playfully” campaign and mobile playground tour. The brand enlisted celebrity dad Jerry O’Connell and charitable partner Life is good co-founder Bert Jacobs to headline a launch event on June 7 in Manhattan’s Bryant Park. The tour is stopping at family-oriented events—among them, so far, Chicago Green Music Fest and Pogopalooza in New York City. It will wrap in October in Atlanta.

While last year the tour featured sports activities geared toward engaging one child at a time, the activation this year offers experiences for the whole family that also encourage a longer engagement with the brand. Designed as an interactive tree house, the footprint includes branded “Twister” and “Jenga,” a slide and an activity room with a wall of instruments for kids to play. Families are encouraged to take classic black and white photos from a camera setup that looks like a birdhouse and then write on branded index cards what “being playful” means to them. The family photos and corresponding messages are then posted to a community wall within the space. The images are also emailed for downloading and social sharing.

To generate buzz for the tour stops, GoGo squeeZ, in addition to reaching out to media outlets and online event calendars, is enlisting bloggers and influencers in each region to come for special events like preview breakfasts, where they’re invited in early for refreshments and a tour. The brand this year is using a slightly different tour-stop strategy, focusing on fewer yet larger events in terms of attendance, and targeting events that are fee-based, in order to reach a more discerning consumer.

“What we realized last year—and this is one of the challenges with tours that everybody who does tours knows—is everything becomes about geography,” Lauren Doyle, director-brand activation for GoGo squeeZ at Materne, North America, told Buzz.  “We really stepped way back from the table and said let’s figure out when and where we need to be and what’s important, even if it means zig-zagging across the country a couple of times, because we want to be where we are 100 percent confident there will be a large swath of families that are right in our core demographic and are going to help us get our name out the most.” Agency: LeadDog Marketing Group, New York City.


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