Kohler Takes Test Lab on the Road with ‘Trust the Flush’ Tour - Event Marketer

Kohler Takes Test Lab on the Road with ‘Trust the Flush’ Tour – Event Marketer

Kohler Takes Test Lab on the Road with ‘Trust the Flush’ Tour

In an effort to educate plumbers, contractors, remodelers and interior designers on its toilet-flushing technologies and innovation, Kohler in March launched the “Trust the Flush” mobile tour, a custom motor coach that houses a replica of its toilet test lab at company headquarters in Wisconsin.

“We can hit double or triple the number of people by going on the road, versus flying them to our headquarters and bringing them through the lab,” Jennifer Nye, channel manager, wholesale at Kohler, told Buzz. She said the tour will reach 36,000 people this year.

The 45-foot by 12-foot bus showcases seven functioning Kohler toilets, including three NUMIs, Kohler’s most advanced toilet. The toilets are interchangeable, allowing Kohler to vary the number of toilets on display. Attendees get to watch how the toilets perform versus the competition in four tests for waste removal and cleanliness.

The bus runs off its own power supply, so events can take place virtually anywhere. Most of the stops are held on parking lots outside of Kohler distribution counter locations where plumbers buy the product and service parts. The remainder of the tour includes showroom locations, where architects and designers can go through the lab, and trade shows. Attendees receive breakfast during the morning stops and lunch during the afternoon events as well as branded t-shirts and hats.

The tour will activate approximately 270 events in 135 days, with two events per day, in 25 markets across the U.S., including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle, and will continue in Canada in 2014. Agency: Brewco Marketing Group, Central City, KY.

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