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Jockey Road Trips This Summer to Promote its Classic Line

Jockey is driving awareness for its Classics line of underwear (especially popular among men ages 40 to 60) through a six-week summer road trip that kicked off May 14. The touring vehicle is an Airstream trailer (used for storage and as an attraction) pulled by a ’60s era Ford Mustang. The brand uses a handheld camera (for an on-the-road unpolished effect) to collect video testimonials from consumers in front of the Airstream about memorable road trip destinations and offers attendees a chance to win a vintage Ford Mustang. The classic cars and retro tour elements are designed to appeal to the target audience’s sense of nostalgia.

“These guys are going to enjoy sharing classic road trip destination [stories] of their own, so we’re giving them the chance to do so through videos,” Mo Moorman, p.r. director at Jockey International, told Buzz.

Jockey collects the videos and creates montages that it posts online at, and shoots photos of consumers inside the classic Mustang that can be shared with friends and family. On site there are also laptops consumers can use to browse the site and sign up for the sweepstakes. The brand is also using social media to drive attendance and keep folks updated about each stop.

“Jockey is a classic American brand, so what we’re trying to do with the tour is offer classic American experiences to drive that point home and demonstrate that the Jockey Classics collection has a lot of relevant things to offer,” added Moorman.

Tour stops include auto auctions, wine and balloon festivals, roadside diners and iconic road trip rest stops. Next up: Temecula, CA, June 4, and Issaquah, WA, June 12. Agency: RedPeg Marketing, Alexandria, VA.

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