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Freschetta Serves Up Slices to New Target

Frozen pizza brand Freschetta hit the road this summer on a cross-country food truck tour designed to make new connections with female consumers ages 28 and older. The brand’s Freschetta Simply… Inspired product line sponsored Natasha Bedingfield’s “Less is More” Live Nation Tour and at each stop served up fresh, hot slices at concert locations across the country. Freschetta wanted to engage this new target consumer because, according to its findings, women over 28 have been moving away from traditional pizza toppings like pepperoni to more sophisticated options, such as Freschetta’s Farmers Market Veggie.

“We believed this was an opportunity to bring new consumers back into the frozen category. We weren’t going to be able to do that by having a demo in-store outside of the frozen pizza aisle,” Chris Leising, senior marketing director at Freschetta, told Buzz. “To drive most incrementally we needed to fit into our consumer’s lifestyle in a way that is interesting for her and motivating and a bit surprising.”

At each activation staffers distributed slices from warmers installed on the side of the truck. Consumers under an adjacent tent noshed on pizza and signed into Facebook on iPads to enter a sweepstakes to win concert tickets. For crowd control each consumer that received a slice had her hand stamped. The stamp had the brand’s logo on it and a website where consumers who hadn’t had a chance to enter the sweepstakes on-site could sign up.

The brand visited 20 concert venues from May to June where it sampled 20,130 slices. The campaign garnered 2,122 hits on social media sites and 8.5 million total impressions. Agency: Brand Connections, Montclair, NJ.

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