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El Jimador Sets Loose on Manhattan

As part of a strategy to personify its brand in a fun and realistic way on an important Mexican holiday, tequila brand el Jimador on Cinco de Mayo unleashed 100 brand ambassadors dressed as jimadores (those who harvest the agave plants needed to make tequila) through the streets of Manhattan. The number of jimadores is a reference to the el Jimadore’s tagline, “100% Agave, 100% Real.”

The jimadores wore the traditional uniform of all-white apparel with straw hats and red sashes and scarves worn while harvesting the agave plants. The jimadores carried picket signs touting the brand’s heritage and quality, such as “Jimadores on the quest for tequila at its best” and “el Jimadore for the tequila lover to discover.” They also distributed booklets containing tequila recipes and interacted with age-appropriate consumers who often responded by taking photos and uploading them to their social network pages and tweeting about the experience.

The jimadores spent 16 hours on the streets from the early morning hours mingling with the crowd outside the “Today” show studio and Rockfeller Center, and other landmarks including Times Square, Columbus Circle, Union Square and the New York Stock Exchange, where the brand team rang the closing bell of the day.

“We went to New York City because it is a huge media market with an ability to generate impact, and because of its diverse demographic,” Jesus Ostos, marketing manager for el Jimador, told Buzz. “We wanted to offer a fun experience and connect with consumers with our unique icon, the jimadore.” Agency: Formulatin, New York City.

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