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Colgate Activates Education Initiative With Comedy Showcase

As part of its ongoing education initiative—Bright Smiles Bright Futures—Colgate-Palmolive debuted the Bright Smiles Comedy Showcase earlier this month featuring an original skit performed by the LaughingStock Comedy Company and hosted by actress Nikki Blonsky at an elementary school in San Francisco. Colgate-Palmolive bused in children from other area schools. The next comedy show is scheduled for October in Phoenix.

“The celebrity has to appeal to children and generate excitement on site appeal to parents and the media ” Dawna Michelle Fields national program manager for Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures told Buzz. “Those kinds of things have to come together to get the right fit. Celebrities get us 27 to 30 million impressions.”

As part of the education initiative Colgate-Palmolive takes a mobile dental van to communities across the country to provide children with oral health education free screenings and dental supplies. A van was present at the comedy showcase.

The vans function as clinics-on-wheels staffed with dental professionals (oftentimes retired dental professionals school teachers and other volunteers) a community coordinator and a driver. The van screens about 150 to 300 children a day.

In addition to schools and community organizations Colgate-Palmolive also takes its vans to retailers like Wal-Mart Family Dollar and CVS. Agencies: Circulation Expertise Hartsdale NY; Unlimited Events and Marketing Yonkers NY.


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