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Brand Sponsors Stick to the Sports

Several sponsoring brands skipped the custom activations and lent their names to a series of full-scale baseball challenges set up throughout the fan experience:

Gillette (photo bottom right) provided batting cages at its FanFest Batting Practice zone. offered attendees a crack up at bat in the FanFest Bullpen batting cages. Franklin and Baby Ruth’s Rookie League (photo top left) zone offered the youngest fans a chance to swing the bat in t-ball cages. At Firestone’s Tire Tryout challenge, kids took aim and threw Velcro balls at a series of targets. Wilson Fielding Practice (photo top right) gave attendees a shot at catching pop-ups, line drives and fly balls. Bayer’s One a Day brand invited attendees into four pitching challenge stations that tracked pitching speeds and posted top speeds on a leader board.

Reebok (photo bottom left) made the most of its Steal Home Challenge by incorporating a shoe trial component where participants could choose from a rack of its ZigTech sneakers and then take their turn in a footrace from third base to home plate. Passersby could stand on a couple of pads with wavy soles to get a feel for the technology.

In one of the biggest footprints in the convention center, Aquafina invited kids onto The Diamond to participate in seminars and clinics led by coaches, managers and MLB stars. Weary parents could relax in the bleachers and watch.

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