BIC Gives Spring Breakers a Close Shave - Event Marketer

BIC Gives Spring Breakers a Close Shave – Event Marketer

BIC Gives Spring Breakers a Close Shave

For many college kids, this time of year means only one thing: Spring Break. For many, it’s the first time they’ll go away without mom or dad to chaperone. For all, it’s a once- or twice-in-a-lifetime chance to live like a superstar: hanging on the beach, pounding some beers and rocking the clubs with their best friends. This year, BIC got down and dirty to get them clean shaven at spring break destinations South Padre Island, Texas, and Panama City Beach, FL.

BIC knows the rules. Provide some sweet games, a novelty that tracks back to the brand and enough swag to choke a shark and the kids will love you. So that’s what they did with the BIC Shave Experience. Both as part of Coca-Cola Beach in Texas for Texas Week March 11 to 15 and for two weeks in Florida, from March 3 to 7 and 19 to 22. BIC had its best brand ambassadors on hand to call folks over to play a game much like Hungry Hungry Hippos, but with oversized razorless razors called BIC Racing Razors. Or maybe they’d like to get in on a little sexy Twister (playing is better than watching, but watching’s good, too), or Beach Trivia.

All that was fun, but the real draw was on the stage. Up there, BIC had three licensed cosmetologists offering shaves (using BIC razors, of course. Soleil Bella for the ladies and Flex 4 for the men) to any and all comers. The guy did legs for the girls and the two ladies did faces, heads, chests and in at least two cases I saw, legs for the men. They were even ready to put a design into some chest hair, if the dude was willing and had the follicles to make it work. The line was long, but no one cared thanks to the high-energy emcee and, of course, the sexy twister. Did we mention the sexy twister? Agency: Brand Connections, New York City.


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