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901 Tequila Shows Consumers a Good Time with Free Concert

Every year, 901 Tequila, founded by singer Justin Timberlake, celebrates National 901 Day on Sept. 1 with special events that give back to consumers and retail accounts nationwide. This year it rocked out New York’s Irving Plaza with a free concert by the band FreeSol, which debuts its album “No Rules” on Oct. 11. Playing up its 901 theme, the doors opened up at 9:01 p.m. on a first-come first-served basis to consumers 21 and over. They were greeted by a house dj mixing beats and mixologist Sean Kenyon concocting new 901 Silver Tequila signature cocktails, like the 901 Strawberry Smash and the 901 Smoked Peach.

“We could have sponsored anything that night or do something online, but what we’re trying to do is create a unique experience every year, so the consumer can leave that night saying, ‘Wow that was fun, they didn’t preach to me, they didn’t tell me why I should drink their brand.’ We just threw a party because this is the way we like to have fun and that’s the experience we want the consumer to leave with so that when they’re choosing a tequila, they go back to that night and pick 901 to recreate that same fun,” Kevin Ruder, president at 901 Tequila, told Buzz.

In addition to the concert, the brand equipped its sales teams with a kit loaded up with branded National 901 Day t-shirts, glassware and other branded merchandise to hand out to more than 500 901 Tequila retail accounts throughout the country. The accounts hosted their own unique sampling events that also kicked off at 9:01 p.m. on event day. Agency: Conundrum Marketing, New York City.

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