2007 EM Dream Team: Sharon Brown - Event Marketer

2007 EM Dream Team: Sharon Brown – Event Marketer

2007 EM Dream Team: Sharon Brown

Sharon Brown
Dream Team title: Director-Sponsorships
Current position: Senior Sports Marketing Manager-Sponsorships Motorola
Why we want her: Throughout her 16 years at Motorola Brown has built valuable relationships with marketers at the teams an asset when it comes to getting the coaches to wear Motorola headsets and enticing players to appear at events. “I look at football and the personalities at play a little differently ” she says. “I’m more interested in the business.” Except at playoff time!

Brown joined Motorola at her husband’s suggestion. “He said I needed a job ” she says laughing. That job blossomed into a successful marketing career as Brown who graduated with a degree in political science and public policy from Rice University handled events for the billion-dollar communications company. Since becoming sports marketing manager three years ago she focuses on three sports—football Indy racing and snowboarding. Events are a key chapter in her sports-marketing playbook.

During this year’s Super Bowl XLI she scored a biggie working with Miami the NFL and no less than four agencies to create the Motorola Mile a 10-block stretch of South Beach’s Ocean Drive transformed into a pedestrian-only walk down memory lane with photos and stories of past games lighting displays player appearances and an interactive football field for fans. An Alohamoto experience the year before brought the sand palm trees and warmth of Hawaii to a climate-controlled tent during Detroit’s frigid Super Bowl XL. Brown also handles Motorola’s relationship with the Andretti Green Indy race team which includes the red-hot Danica Patrick and most recently professional snowboarder Shaun White.

The role of events changes every year. “It depends on the priorities ” Brown says. “It’s really what’s the message and what’s the best way to get it portrayed.” But what doesn’t change is Brown’s dedication to the job which requires top-notch organizational skills critical thinking and the ability to make one plus one equal three a skill most marketers would like to master. “You definitely have to think outside of the box take an idea and figure out the best way to maximize it to take those limited dollars and expand them ” she says.

Pursuing her MBA in her off-hours as well as raising a family and visiting such places as the Great Wall of China with her son round out her life. But on the job Brown is a player. “Sports are a passion and my job is really tapping into that passion and that’s what makes me come to work every day.”


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@whitfieldjordan

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