2007 EM Dream Team: Jim Daniels - Event Marketer

2007 EM Dream Team: Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels

Dream Team title: Vice President-Marketing
Current position: VP-Marketing Trojan
Why we want him: Daniels has transformed a product associated with guilt transgression and— yikes—sexual pleasure into an emblem of caring responsible behavior and a rallying cry for public health awareness. By taking his message—and condoms—to the people Daniels is presenting this nearly 90-year-old brand in a positive light and improving lives in the process.

Daniels is on a mission to improve the nation’s sexual health. “A condom is a simple affordable wonderful product but it’s not being used ” he says. Advertising for condoms is restricted on network primetime TV making it even harder to get the message out.

The answer: take Trojan to the people which Daniels boldly does during Spring Break and Mardi Gras concerts and Gay Pride parades where brand ambassadors interact with consumers via samples games and other freebies. “Events give us another venue to push our messaging out in a way that is relevant ” he says. Alliances with public health organizations and outreach programs for physicians and college health centers broaden his reach along with product placement in films and TV shows that present condom use in a positive and appropriate manner such as “Law & Order” and “The Forty-Year-Old Virgin.” A 2007 Sexual Health Report Card ranking sexual health resources at American colleges and universities created buzz on campuses. Trojan even has a MySpace page along with two Internet sites trojanevolve.com and trojancondoms.com for information and interaction. Next year’s marketing effort will be bigger and bolder as Trojan integrates events into its “evolve” ad campaign in an even more dynamic way.

As vp-marketing for Trojan and head of the sexual health division for the brand Daniels is involved with marketing manufacturing regulatory issues and finance but he remains a marketer at heart. “What I enjoy the most is listening to consumers and meeting their needs ” he says. A Columbia business school graduate he has been at Church & Dwight—Trojan’s parent since it acquired the brand in 2001—for 13 years running the Arm & Hammer oral care business and spending the last five years on Trojan. He became vp in 2004.

Despite his passion for the cause Daniels loves nothing more than spending time with his wife and his two young sons. “I hope they grow up in a society where they can be more informed and embrace their sexual health as part of their overall well-being ” he says. “That’s what motivates me.”


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@whitfieldjordan

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