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Sub-Zero Woos Design Snobs with a Poetic, Artsy Booth

DB_SubZero_2008 ex
Agency: DERSE
Year: 2008

Kitchen designers, architects and builders are a tough crowd. They’re discriminating, opinionated, tightly networked and at the end of the day, downright mission-critical to any exhibitor at the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show. Sub-Zero took on design snobs and tough cookies alike by leveraging the skills of renowned kitchen designer Mick De Giulio and interior designer Jamie Drake to enhance the brand’s 2007 booth.

A long, sleek reception counter greeted attendees as they approached the exhibit. After registering with booth staff, visitors entered the grand salon where all of Sub-Zero/Wolf’s products were featured. Product displays were integrated into counters and walls to allow booth staff and designers to get easy, hands-on access to the products. Wall-mounted refrigeration, under-counter refrigeration, cooktops and stand alone cooktops were grouped together for side-by-side comparisons which helped spark conversations and talking points in a relevant context. Super-sized images of fresh food served as vibrant backdrops for the product line-ups.

Marketers know that brands are about so much more than the product. Brands have personalities, subtleties and essences that can take a product in a highly competitive category and give it that extra somethin’-somethin’ that makes people want it above everyone else’s. Sub-Zero embraced its brand’s less functional and tangible qualities and created what they deemed inspiration environments to show off more poetic expressions of the brands. The products became mere ornaments, presented as art, drawing from the words “passion” and “freshness” as thematic stimulants for the booth.

In De Giulio’s area, a massive slab of mahogany on stainless steel legs appeared to float on air. Piles of fresh mangos ran the length of the table. In Jamie Drake’s inspiration area, a Wolf range was mounted on a custom-built frame of more than a dozen meat cleavers perched on their handles. This zone was accented by a carpet of crushed, glowing red glass—a nod to the heat created by the range. A canopy of sheer fabric overhead diffused the lighting while in the freshness zone, directional lighting shined through an opening in the canopy, intensifying the natural beauty of the wood table. Throughout the exhibit, visitors could sit and reflect on their surroundings. In one area, a wall-sized, Chinoiserie-style wave graphic served as a background for a long, light blue wave-shaped bench. Just to the left, four Sub-Zero wine refrigerators were on display under a ceiling-mounted chandelier that seemed to splash from the wall just where the wave graphic crested.

Sub-Zero set out to create an exhibit that would become the must-see destination for show attendees and a hot bed for lead generation. By the end of the show, over 2,600 qualified leads were gathered and 77 percent of registered professionals visited the booth—well above industry average. For the company that creates the best in both hot and cold, this booth was smokin’.

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