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Sprite Reaches College Crowd with Step Dancing

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Year: 2009

To reach the multicultural college crowd, especially undergraduate fraternities and sororities, Sprite ignited the Sprite Step Off competition, a campaign that ultimately received more than 2.2 million page views online. Step dancing is a form of percussive routines in which the dancers use their entire bodies as instruments through a mixture of footsteps, spoken word and hand claps. The brand sponsored a total of 30 step events in more than 20 cities, and spread the message online by having participants register on the event microsite.

The microsite aired a three-minute video featuring step teams and competition-related information. When the video ended the visitors were encouraged to learn more about the competition, the step dance form and lifestyle and local competitions. Participants could embed video footage and download free information about step dance-related content, making the site as interactive as possible.

More than 550,000 visitors interacted on the site with 44,000 visitors returning more than once. The program also received 14,400 Facebook fans and 2,356 Twitter followers, all resulting in more than seven million impressions through viral word of mouth. Sprite not only generated exposure for the step dancers, but also distributed $1.5 million in scholarships.

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