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SAP Conducts Total Takeovers of Meeting Properties

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Brand: SAP
Year: 2015

In a brilliant move, the SAP Select event team studied its crown-jewel SAPPHIRE NOW event and used the key learnings from one event… to design another. To replace the “one size fits all” SAP SAPPHIRE model with a more personalized customer experience, SAP set out to combine the most successful elements of its entire events portfolio into one single, heavy-hitting experience that could be dropped in global cities around the world. The result: SAP Select, which launched in Beijing and ended in Berlin.

Visually, SAP created a unique branding architecture, moving away from its standard SAP branding and transforming all of the event’s conference spaces (and we mean all of them) into fully branded experiences. For instance, while you may have been checking into the China World Summit Hotel in Beijing or the Ritz-Carlton or Marriott in Berlin, for three days you were actually checking into the “SAP Select Hotel.” The brand leveraged the properties in unique ways, such as converting guest sleeping rooms into offices for one-on-one meetings with customers and converting restaurants and bars into branded experiences and workspaces. Each site featured artistic experiences as well. In Berlin, for example, the atrium of the Marriott was transformed in the evenings into an “aquarium” with aerial dancers performing overhead, sea creatures floating through the six-story atrium and performances on open balconies. “Showcases” were integrated into the venues, too, to demonstrate to customers how SAP solutions support popular sports such as McLaren’s F1 Racing Team, the German National Soccer team, Women’s Tennis, Professional Golf and Extreme Sailing.

As for the content, SAP continually monitored registrations and where it saw increases in various industries or lines of business, it added thought leadership content to address these people specifically. Taking it even a step further, SAP gave attendees room to breathe; Only 50 percent of the attendees’ schedules were pre-booked, allowing them plenty of flexibility to network.

Thanks to this strategy, SAP Select’s average booked/won business per company was 7.4 times greater than in its previous SAPPHIRE NOW model. ROI increased 345 percent in China and 246 percent in Europe.

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