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L’Oreal Takes the Museum Approach to Draw Press

DB_EX_L'Oreal_2006 Ex
Brand: L'OREAL
Agency: VOK DAMS
Year: 2006

When L’Oreal USA launched its Men’s Expert skin care line last year, the company knew it would need more than a typical press event to attract and engage New York City’s notoriously hard-to-impress beauty and fashion editors. The solution: a museum-style exhibit in Manhattan’s trendy Milk Studios. Armed with headsets that played a soundtrack detailing features of the new products, editors could navigate the space as quickly or slowly as they wanted. The product line, which included face wash, after-shave balm, facial cream and eye moisturizer, was displayed in various “immersion zones,” and as each editor walked toward a display, commentary specific to that particular product played on the wireless headset.

“What we did differently at this event was allow an individual pace to take precedence over the message,” says Ginger Kramer, coo for New York City-based Vok Dams, which executed the event. “We allowed the editors to take their own pace to absorb the message. That was the key.”

Each product zone included custom displays for the product line with atomizer-created mist effects, plasma screens showing product features, and 3-D video effects on the wall. In addition, product specialists were on hand to answer editors’ questions about the products.

The evening also included a stage presentation, with talks by highly regarded dermatologist Arnold Toback and the presidents of L’Oreal Paris and L’Oreal USA.

Touches like techno music and orange-and-blue lighting added to the ambience. After walking through the exhibit, attendees were treated to a dinner prepared by renowned chef Daniel Boulud. The evening closed as editors left with product samples in a Gucci shaving bag.

The event resulted in product mentions in several publications, including Gizmag and the Cosmetics Design newsletter.

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