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HP’s Boosts Employee Engagement with Virtual Event

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Brand: HP
Agency: 6CONNEX
Year: 2012

Hewlett-Packard research showed that its employees who discussed job performance and career goals with their managers had overall higher engagement scores than those who didn’t. So the company created the Global Career Development Connection program, bringing 300,000 employees, managers, business groups and job functions together at one time in an always-on virtual environment designed to foster employee development.

HP’s platform offered a more robust environment than the typical PowerPoint or web-based training. It featured four corporate workshops and booths staffed with live chat representatives for the first month of the event. Workshops included practical tips and addressed a variety of subjects, such as career development, networking and mid-year performance and career conversations. Participants were also able to download “grab-and-go” documents and save summaries into their virtual event briefcases, enabling them to continue learning after their visit to the environment.

Post-event feedback showed that employees found the event to be “engaging and helpful.” They liked the one-stop-shop feel of the event, and having access to a variety of tools and resources at the click of a mouse. Attendees also praised the platform’s flexibility, which allowed them to attend whenever it was convenient for them and as many times as they liked.

The event attracted more than 20,000 unique visitors and total attendance reached 36,545. The average time spent in the forum by visitors was 35 minutes. HP recorded 5,422 downloads, 33,204 document views and 16,313 video views.

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