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Coke Immerses Fans in the World of ‘Harry Potter’

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Agency: CMI
Year: 2003

With J.K. Rowling looking over everybody’s shoulders, the activation of Coke’s global Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone under-the-cap sweeps had to be authentic to the movie, the storyline and the brand. And to make the pressure even greater, the campaign promised winners from 21 countries the “experience of a lifetime” at a Coca-Cola Castle Adventure in London.

Concept conceived … and concept achieved. The 1,200 global sweeps winners received a string of pre-trip letters just like Harry did before heading off to Hogwarts. Winners were first sent a package that included a registration handbook with instructions and passport application. Later came the Coke-branded travel book with airline tickets, itineraries, guides, blank postcards, maps and a cash allowance.

The actual five-day trip was like warping into the movie. Everything, from the games and challenges to the meals and tours, mirrored the look and feel of Potter’s world. Highlights included a house-sorting activity that fostered teamwork within the multi-national group; a welcome dinner in The Great Hall with a special video message from actor Daniel Radcliffe a meal set amid Potter music, props and animals (yes, animals); a ride on the 1890 Orient Express (just like Harry took) and authentic movie activities including Quidditch Training, Potions Class and Riddle Quest.

Coke was branded throughout every activity, with all elements continuously reminding attendees which beverage company was making the trip possible. The experience was interactive, accurate and authentic, exceeding the client’s expectations and setting a new standard for sweepstakes trips. One attendee’s testimonial: “We will continue to drink Coke products for the rest of our lives.”

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