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Cisco Leverages Smartphones and Trivia at CiscoLive!

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Brand: CISCO
Year: 2012

Event marketers have joined the ranks of the smartphone obsessed, unlocking the business potential of the ubiquitous handheld through programs that trade fun incentives for consumer data. But few have mastered the art of using smartphones in conjunction with events to tackle multiple marketing objectives at once. Until now. The industry standard smartphone strategy got a big-time upgrade this summer when event marketers at Cisco used the mobile device to not only incentivize attendees to engage in the brand’s on-site activations, but also to engage on a meaningful level with the company’s on-site partner activations.

The resulting program gave event organizers deep attendee data that surpassed the typical badge scan and enabled the company to prove to itself and the paying vendors at the Cisco Partner Pavilion just how knowledgeable participants were about the products on offer. The winning technology was a custom mobile game called the Cisco Cloud Mobile Trivia Game and from June 10 to 13, it provided attendees at the annual CiscoLive! user conference in San Diego with a fun and organic way to experience the event. Attendees got started by scanning a QR Code on their device.

The scan downloaded a trivia quiz that challenged participants to earn points by answering questions correctly. Answering questions quickly and spending time at demo stations and partner booths throughout the event helped boost their scores. Partner booths were outfitted with QR Codes and users received bonus points for checking in at each one. The highest scorers were eligible to win one of 20 iPads.

To address any potential compatibility snafus among smartphone models and to eliminate the need for a slow and bulky app download that would definitely turn off attendees, tech partner Snakblox leveraged HTML5 to create the gaming experience. Not only was the resulting game fast and fluid for attendees regardless of their device type, Cisco staffers could easily and quickly update questions on the backend by uploading them to an admin panel. Post-event data generated by the game revealed that theater presentations at the event boasted 100-percent attendance, with many attendees standing in the aisles.

Trivia game players spent an average of 13 minutes in the game and participants visited an average of nine out of 14 partner demo stations. Thanks to the new game, Cisco was also able to close the show with an in-depth analytics report that revealed just how much participants knew about the products on offer—both in the Cisco footprints and in the Partner Pavilions. The data can be used to craft more efficient event experiences for the brand and help Cisco’s sales team prove the value of its event to its paying sponsors—and keep those revenue-generating partnerships rolling in.

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