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Boehringer Uses Online Competition to Inspire Employees

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Year: 2009

To encourage innovative thinking and ideas among its employees around real-world Boehringer Ingelheim issues, the brand launched the “BI Collaboratory,” a month-long online competition using a custom social networking platform designed to generate employee interaction. Inside the virtual space, teams worked together to develop and present a proposal for an innovative solution for the brand.

First, management identified topics relevant to BI’s organization and business and then challenged teams to develop projects that would deliver an innovative solution for that topic. Employee votes on the presentations determined the best one. Each employee created a personal profile page and avatar, then worked to gather points and joined a team through a variety of activities. Each cross-functional team worked together in its own password-protected team site to develop a concept that would bring value to BI, its customers and their patients in forward-thinking ways. Teams then created a presentation of their projects and posted them for voting. The winners received company-wide recognition, prizes and some of the projects are being explored by management for further development.

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