EA Sports Active Tour Energizes UK Consumers

The EA Sports Active fitness game for Nintendo Wii is on the second leg of its Get Active Tour, visiting shopping centers and fitness trade shows in the UK. It kicked off last June and ran through October, then picked up again in January and will run through the spring. At each location, EA sets up its sleek footprint featuring the games’ signature colors of white, green and blue with a demo stage and two pods where consumers can get up-close-and-personal with the game. Two brand ambassadors demo the game on stage while additional staffers at the pods work with consumers one on one.

“The tour has helped successfully launch EA Sports Active into a very busy market, and establish the game as a credible brand in this space,” Penny Humphrey, head of retail and experiential marketing at EA, told Buzz. “It allowed us to put EA Sports Active in people’s hands to feel the benefits and the burn for themselves.”

In addition to experiencing the game, consumers can sit down with trained brand ambassadors to learn more about leading a fit and nutritious lifestyle as well as how the game can play a role in helping achieve their health goals. At trade shows, consumers can buy the game on site; however, at shopping centers the brand drives sales to retailers with a gift with purchase. If consumers buy the game on the day of the event they receive a branded sports bag, towel, water bottle and fitness products. Agency: The Circle Agency, Reading, UK.

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