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Mobile Marketing: BellSouth Takes A Swing At Minor League Games

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 BellSouth is taking its Summer Swing mobile tour back on the
road. After hitting minor league baseball stadiums in the carrier’s
tier-one markets last year the brand is zeroing in on ballparks in
nine tier-two markets this summer through August 5. Another tweak was
to the event setup: BellSouth added a few elements outside the vehicle
to give consumers “something to do outside… giving them a greater
comfort level with the environment ” Suzanne Hulsey the company’s
senior manager-sports marketing told Buzz.


Inside baseball-themed games and tech information are aimed at
changing consumers’ perceptions of the brand. “We want them to think of
us as new innovative fun and not your traditional old telephone
company ” Hulsey said. “A large percentage of consumers are not aware
that BellSouth has affiliations with DirecTV and Cingular Wireless. We
wanted to let people know that we’ll go to where they are and be part
of their fun instead of making them come to us.”


The vehicle typically sets up near the stadium’s main entrance or in a
parking lot during a weekend series. Inside and around the 40-foot
trailer fans can play a fast pitch challenge or Xbox Home Run Derby.
Some games integrate BellSouth’s products. For example to find answers
to questions for a trivia game fans can hop on computers with
BellSouth’s high-speed Internet access. Agency: Career Sports &
Entertainment Atlanta .



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