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Media Events: Airforce Nutrisoda Gets Salon Style For Product Intro

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To support launches in 12 new markets with a twist that reflects its
“health spa in a can” positioning Airforce Nutrisoda is holding press
events at a high-end premium spa in each city.


The first event was held in Chicago at The B Spot Chicago a salon that
specializes in eyebrows and lashes. For two hours approximately 110
journalists sipped on complimentary Nutrisoda and Nutrisoda cocktails
like the Face Lift (sparkling wine and Radiant Nutrisoda garnished with
mint or an orange twist) sampled hors d’oeuvres were treated to free
brow work and massages and received gift bags.


“These events are a great way to communicate what the brand is about
and provide an experience with the product instead of having a
conference room setting with a PowerPoint presentation ” Phil Mero
Airforce’s director-lifestyle marketing told Buzz. “We’re getting the
emotional connection to understand the brand instead of people just
getting a 12-pack and a press release.”


Nutrisoda which is handling the events in house is replicating the
setup in the other markets plus adding services like manicures and
pedicures. In addition the beverage company is introducing the product
to PepsiCo employees and distributors via get-togethers at high-end
restaurants clubs or lounges in each market. The product previously
was distributed mainly in Florida Minnesota Texas and online; the
brand was purchased by Pepsi in January.


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