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Immersions: Gore Puts Customers In The Eye Of The Storm

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 W.L. Gore & Associates’ Gore-Tex and Windstopper fabric brands are embarking on a first-ever mobile tour designed to give consumers an inside look at how durable the materials are.
“We wanted to give people some insight into what the rain rooms were like and we wanted consumers to experience the rigorous testing that everything goes through to get a guarantee ” Melissa Riggs a marketing associate for the company told Buzz.
Visitors to the Know What’s Inside Tour step inside a weather “chamber” where they don Gore-Tex and Windstopper garments and then get blasted with wind and water. The chamber is modeled after rooms that the company uses to test its products. The 30-week tour kicked off in early November and is hitting consumer events and retailers in at least 17 markets through April. Agency: Marketing Werks Chicago.


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