Insights from the Special Report on Women in Events

Insights from the Special Report on Women in Events
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More Exclusive Insights: Women in Events

We recently brought you a sneak preview of one of our Women in Events roundtable discussions where some of the industry’s top female executives talked about issues surrounding credibility, the glass ceiling, the lack of female leaders in business and the need for women to recognize their value in the workplace. (Catch the entire special report in our August issue).

In this second installment, we ask the question, “What is the biggest challenge facing women in business today? A few more of their insights:

“We’ve really come a long way, and I think there is not as much of a disparity between men and women anymore. Women have really created a name for themselves especially in the business world.”

“Trying to do it all. We want to be the best moms, the best wives, the best employees, give your best self. That is challenging from the moms and friends I have talked to. You always feel you may be doing well in one area but falling down in another.”

“The elusive work-life balance. Many of us opt out for the reasons that it is just too hard to take on a leadership role and what that entails and still be true to our families and to raising our kids and being a wife and a mother, and those things are really important to us, too, but what happens then is that we don’t have women in leadership that then advocate for the next generation.”

“Work-life balance and time management, where events often require your commitment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”


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