Where Are They Now: Steve Lauletta - Event Marketer

Where Are They Now: Steve Lauletta - Event Marketer

Where Are They Now: Steve Lauletta

February/March 2005

Miller Brewing

Back then: In 2005 Steve Lauletta director-sports and event marketing was focused on redefining and refining Miller’s event mix with a high-touch approach that was locally driven.

Now: Lauletta has moved on to become president of NASCAR’s Ganassi racing team but Miller Brewing is still cooking up some pretty tasty consumer programs all rooted in a recipe that is 100 percent Miller. Some of that locally-driven strategy has changed says Dockery Clark who two years ago crossed over from banking (as director-sports and alliance marketing for Bank of America) to beer. She is now director-sports and alliance marketing at Miller. She gives us a taste of what’s new:

What has changed since 2005?
Generally speaking there has been a lot more focus on driving out brand-centric programs. We feel we have the right strategic programs in place. Now it’s about executing with excellence and driving out best practices throughout the entire system. If there has been a mindset shift it is about highest and best use of every asset we have. There are all sorts of different partnerships out there available to our brands to create unique experiences for our target consumers. For example we sponsor Fashion Week for Peroni our Italian beer brand. Milwaukee’s Best Light supports the World Series of Poker. So it’s all about driving leadership positioning and great activation for our brands that is built off the strategic brand insight.

What keeps you up at night?
We have to make sure we are talking to legal drinking age adults and creating experiences for them. For all alliances we target properties that support our brand strategies and naturally enable great activation. To the extent that we can convert those alliances into truly meaningful experiences for our consumers that will help us differentiate ourselves. Continuing to take it to the next level in everything we do is an ongoing challenge and making sure the consumers understand it and what it means to them in terms of drinking a better beer in Miller Lite.

And your biggest achievement since Miller was on our cover is…?
Receiving an Ex Award for our Miller Lite Taste Express Tour. We were very pleased. It is the uniqueness of that thinking that is important in terms of doing everything a little better that demonstrates that Miller Lite is the ultimate light beer and a better beer experience. Our portfolio is positioned as well as any and driving out that specialized expertise that we’ve had such success with—that’s really the biggest change we’ve made across our brand portfolio not just with Miller Lite.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@karlavidal

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